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A Suspense Novel by Ashley Parker!


The Fire Within

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Enter the world of Alexis Martin and her incredible tale of survival.

Ashley Parker’s “The Fire Within”
is a gripping rollercoaster of emotions that delves deep into
the complexities of human relationships. Alexis Martin’s seemingly ordinary life takes an
unexpected turn when she encounters Sterling White, a decorated military officer harboring his own inner turmoil. As the story unfolds, it becomes a compelling exploration of reality, love, and survival.

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“The Fire Within” delves into the harrowing journey of Alexis Martin, a woman whose life takes a tumultuous turn when she encounters Sterling White, a charming but deeply troubled military officer. The story revolves around Alexis’s struggle to discern reality from illusion as she grapples with the complexities of an abusive relationship. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness her gradual transformation from a victim into a survivor, as she mourns the loss of a relationship, she once believed
to be real.


This book sheds light on narcissistic abuse, fueled by the author’s personal experience,
extensive research, and an unquenchable thirst for understanding. The protagonist of the story is Alexis Martin. She led a normal life until she met a military officer named Sterling White.
Although he appears to be a very charming man, he has his own inner demons.

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Book Summary

Alexis Martin's life is mundane until she meets the man of her dreams,
Sterling White, a decorated military officer who is battling his own
inner demons. Alexis must determine what's real and unreal as she
navigates her way through this relationship. Alexis learns to reclaim
her power, grieving the realization that her relationship is not what she
thought it was. Ultimately, Alexis finds herself in grave danger and
must rely on her own instincts to survive a narcissistic predator.

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